School Holidays Activities:
Out of ideas for the next school holidays? With organised full or half day activities, outings and excursions at some of South Africa’s favourite locations, we’ll keep your children entertained with a comprehensive indoor or outdoor 1-4 day Soccer Holiday Clinic, Explore / Experience School Holiday or Explore/Sports Combo package.


Hosted all-year-round on either a Saturday or a Sunday, experience a 1-day full-day Saturday or Sunday explore experience. Choose from Parent’s Kids-Free-Days, Fan Days or Educational Days’ options below:

Parent’s Kids-Free-Days:
Mums and Dads recuperate, recharge your batteries, and leave your child in our capable hands.

Fan Days:
Kids get the opportunity to see their sporting heroes (live in action) while in a group environment.

Educational Days:
Giving the child the opportunity for expansion and enrichment in a cultural and informative setting.

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