Launch of The Soccer Academy


Building on the foundations of the successful “onCloud9” brand,which was established in 2007, The Soccer Academy has emerged.

The Soccer Academy aims to bring you the same excellent experience you have come to expect of “onCloud9”.

At The Soccer Academy, we focus on muscle development, ball skills, team work, hand-eye co-ordination, confidence building and emotional growth.

Mission Statement

Introducing, Developing and Mastering Soccer, through the Establishment of a Good Foundation of Physical and Social Needs


• Introducing, developing and mastering Soccer through co-ordination, agility and match-play skills
• Developing a child’s cognitive and motor skills
• Establishing a good foundation for their emotional growth
• Developing the child’s physical and social needs
• To cement The Soccer Academy as one of the leading Soccer establishments in the Country
• Aspire to provide the same excellent service that you have come to expect from our brand