“onCloud9” Social Outreach

Social Outreach

Enrich your life!

Every 3rd month “onCloud9” offers the opportunity for our older children (ages 7 -13) to visit and assist with special projects at centers, hospitals or underprivileged schools.

“onCloud9’s” development and social upliftment outings aim to change the lives of the beneficiaries, as well as the perceptions of the children that undertake these outings.

The children and our crew visit schools in underprivileged areas and old age homes to name
but a few. We plant trees, paint their school or we spend time with the elderly etc.

Any donations and volunteers would be greatly appreciated during our social upliftment outings or if you would like to donate something that is relevant to that particular visit, or just come along and help to assist the children, please email Grant at info@kidsoncloud9.co.za

Next Event September 27