Extra Murals


Hip-Hop or Ballet

Hip-Hop or Ballet classes are for ages 3-13 and develop a love for dance, and improves children’s posture and physical strength. Ballet and Hip-Hop also increase confidence and expression.


The Sporting Academy

The Sporting Academy is one of our popular extra mural activities, that operates at various Pre-Primary Schools around Cape Town. Boys and girls from ages 2-6 get to participate in various sports codes to improve ball skills development.


Current Extra Mural School Term Programme:

Term 1, Jan 22-March 20, 2020

– Soccer Extra Murals: at Lady Anne P, Newlands
(Fridays from between 1.10pm-5pm of terms 2 & 3)
– Cricket Extra Murals: at Lady Anne, Newlands
(Fridays from between 1.20pm-5pm of terms 1 & 4)
– Cricket Extra Murals: “onCloud9” at Pre-Schools
– The Sporting Academy Extra Murals: “onCloud9” at Pre-Schools